Top 3 car tyre makers

With the overabundance of car tyres readily available in the market, many motorists often find it challenging to select the ideal brand for their vehicles. It also doesn’t help much that there are diverse factors that come into play when assessing the suitability of these products for any given car. The following are some critical tips on how to effectually gauge the quality of products and short reviews of some of the top brands based on these metrics.

Wet grip
As most seasoned motorists would know from experience water significantly minimizes a vehicle’s tyres contact with the road. This in extension reduces their grip, and in extremely wet conditions leads to aquaplaning, which simply put is the tyres losing direct contact with road. A scenario that of course leads to lesser control over your car. This is where a tyre’s exact tread grooves come into play. These parts of these products are designed to eject water from the space between them and the road surface. As would be expected every car tyres manufacturer has its own distinct tread pattern as well as ratings obtained from tests conducted under controlled conditions.

Dry grip
When it comes to the dry grip of these products, the friction generated between them and the road surface is the main issue in maintaining control of your car in dry weather circumstances. Sudden braking, rapid acceleration as well as negotiating corners quickly lessens this friction. This causes these products to slip and also makes them wear out quicker.

Car noises
Finally, another issue to consider when selecting the best tyres brand for your car is the level of noise they produce. Virtually all noises made by these products usually stems from the tread as it hits the road surface. The main issues to consider on this note is the toughness of the rubber, distinct tread design and the squareness of the tyre’s shoulders (the edges that comes into direct contact with the road).

Car tyres tread wear ratings
Most nations require car tyres makers to carry out extensive evaluations on all these 3 metrics, and make them readily available to consumers. You can find the distinct data related to the brand you wish to buy on the tyres’ sidewall.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top tyres manufacturers in the world.

Michelin happens to be one of the world’s top 3 makers of these products, and specializes on producing premium tyres. Michelin tyres are noted for their excellent wet grip, resistance to aquaplaning as well as handling. This brand is also widely available and is stocked by national, regional chains as well as online retailers.

This brand is also a leading globally premium car tyres maker and also several mid-range brands such as Fulda. Goodyear products are highly acclaimed for remarkable dry, wet grip, dry and wet handling. They are also widely available in diverse outlets including the internet.

Pirelli is an Italian brand that is known for its unmatched versatility in producing a wide variety of car tyres for all manner of usage. It also offers economy like Ceat and Courier. Pirelli’s products are renowned for their excellent dry handling, dry grip and wet handling. This brand is also widely available in national and regional chain, independent retailers and online fitters.

Four Things to You Should Consider Before Buying New Car Tyres

There are so many things you have to consider in order to ascertain that the tyre you’re going to purchase is the appropriate one for your vehicle. To lend you a helping hand, just keep in mind the following simple guidelines on buying new car tyres:

1. Check your current car tyres before replacing them.

Consider conducting an inspection to make up your mind if your car is really in need of new tyres. If you notice some cracked sidewalls, immoderate tread wear, or any stain or discoloration, then you must take buying a new set of tyres into consideration.

2. Verify your owner’s manual and information placard for recommendation.

Once you’ve already decided that you’re going to replace your current tyres, don’t forget to consult your manufacturer’s recommendation about the best type and size of tyres suitable for your car. That piece of advice can be found either in the owner’s manual or on the information placard.

Mandated by law, the information placard is of great importance especially in this kind of situation when you need guidelines in buying new tyres. Hence, it is usually seen attached within your trunk lid or to your glove compartment door, door edge and door post.

3. Learn to read your tyre code.

Despite being the most baffling part of purchasing tyres, deciphering your tyre code is of the utmost importance since it could help you find the best replacement for your current tyres. Used by tyre centers to easily point out which type and size of tyres would best suit to your vehicle, the code found on the sidewall of your tyre is mandated by federal law. Through this code, aside from making a tyre easier to describe, it can be recognized without difficulty in case of a recall.

As a car owner who must know every little thing about every part of your vehicle, learn to understand this sample code: P195/60R 16 63H M+S.

– the letter “P” tells the type of the tyre;

– the three-digit number following the first letter indicates the width of the tyre in millimeters through the sidewall edge;

– the two-digit number following the first three figures states the aspect ratio of the tyre and sidewall compared to the width;

– the letter “R” indicates radial construction;

– the two-digit number following the letter “R” discloses the rim’s diameter in inches;

– the last two-digit (or three-digit) number speaks about the load rating of the tyre

– the letter “H” means the tyre’s speed rating

– the last letters “M+S” stand for mud and snow, meaning the tyre is suited to driving in any seasons.

4. Consider purchasing new tyres online.

Buying replacements for your old tyres over the Internet is an intelligent decision if you want to save money. Scores of online retailers have connection with local independent tyre centers that might be located near in your area. Most of these tyre centers offer delivery of your new car tyres and carry out installation at a reasonable cost.

Always remember that your replacements must be installed to the rims, which must be balanced and mounted to your car. You surely don’t want any problems regarding the alignment of your wheels and new tyres, so make sure to have your mechanic line them up.